Our Home’s Heritage


Graymoor Lane not only honors Mid-Century design, it celebrates a family’s history and the forward-thinking matriarch who instilled in her daughters and granddaughters a deep love and appreciation of the elegant, understated aesthetic of this remarkable movement.

Renowned Mid-Century architect Edward Humrich (1902-1992), designed this striking home on Graymoor Lane where the daughters grew up. Humrich was self-taught, but greatly influenced by the legendary Frank Lloyd Wright. His homes embodied the essence of Mid-Century, featuring natural materials such as Redwood and common brick which were at one with the homes settings. For the Graymoor Lane home, the architect’s most important decision was to preserve three magnificent, very old oak trees that were quite inconveniently located. It was quite challenging, but these incredible trees were not only saved but became an integral part of the home’s stunning design.  Mr. Humrich also designed many of the furnishings which today are showcased in the homes of the current generations.  One of the families admits that a top priority in searching for their home was to find an appropriate setting to showcase their incredible Graymoor Lane furniture.

When today’s mother and daughter team decided to create a fine jewelry brand, it seemed destined that the inspiration should be Mid-Century Design. Like the ancestral mid-century home which enhances and is enhanced by the beauty of its setting, the jewelry of Graymoor Lane Designs adorns today’s modern woman as she confidently  transitions from role to role and from morning to evening expressing her own understated  style. 

We welcome you to walk with us on Graymoor Lane!

© Photography Juergen Nogai 2004