The Home on Graymoor Lane


Graymoor Lane Designs celebrates our family’s history and the proud mother who instilled in her daughters and granddaughters a deep appreciation for simple elegance and good style.

In 1956, she sought out renowned Chicago architect Edward Humrich (1902-1992), a leader in the Prairie School design movement. The family wanted him to build a home that would last for generations. Humrich believed that “a house should be like an outcropping of the land, a rock formation, to belong to the site.” His house on Graymoor Lane would likewise connect man-made elegance to the effortless grace of the natural world and would go on to inspire generations of its residents.

Greatly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, Humrich’s home on Graymoor Lane embodied the essence of Mid-Century organic modernism. He featured natural materials such as Redwood and common brick; he insisted on as much natural light as possible; and he opened the interior to the forest outside through a stunning row of wood-framed glass doors. On the exterior, Humrich incorporated three magnificent, old oak trees into the home’s plan. Inside, in keeping with the Modern movement’s commitment to holistic design, Humrich built most of the furniture, too. His original built-in cabinets, sofas, bookshelves, and even the platform bed are still there today.

When we decided to launch a fine jewelry brand, it was inevitable that we would turn to Mid-Century design for inspiration. We believe that Modern style is organic and holistic, and that the modern woman should look effortless and uncomplicated, but always in-style. Like Humrich before us, we hope that our classic Mid-century vision makes the modern woman more confident and beautiful every day in every situation.

© Photography Juergen Nogai 2004