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From Iconic Hollywood to Today, Love Your Style

From Iconic Hollywood to Today, Love Your Style

Everyone loves a good style quiz. “Which Hollywood icon are you?” “Which animated character is your spirit animal?” “Which career is your dream job?”

At Graymoor Lane, we ask the amazing women who wear our designs, “What is your mid-century style?” Are you more of a Grace Kelly, exuding class, grace, and elegance (and ready to marry your prince)? Or are you a Givenchy-clad Audrey Hepburn, wearing that bob cut and LBD like no one else in the world? Maybe Twiggy’s fun, infectious style speaks to you, or Jane Fonda’s effortless confidence. Whoever your midcentury style icon is, we know that there’s a little of this bold, creative, and exciting era in each of us.

Grace Kelly

Grace Kelly is the quintessential embodiment of all our girl-hood dreams. Just a regular girl from Philadelphia, PA, Kelly became one of most elegant Hollywood stars in the 1950s. And then she put all of that aside to marry the love of her life, a real-life prince! And through it all, she was kind, classy, and effortlessly beautiful.

We know that our Solstice Collection would be perfect for Princess Grace. If, like her, you are a woman living your dream, compassionate, elegant, and successful, then the natural, organic curves of Solstice are your Graymoor Lane style of choice.

Solstice Collection

Audrey Hepburn

Grace Kelly became a princess in real life, but Audrey Hepburn first captured our hearts in her breakout role, a princess pretending to be a normal girl in Rome, in Roman Holiday. Just like Gregory Peck, we were enchanted by her bubbly love of life from the second we met her. And then, a few years later, as Holly Golightly, Hepburn taught every girl in America just to be herself. We will always love her for that.

Image courtesy of PBS

The Graymoor Lane Light Collection is the perfect accessory to the Audrey Hepburn in all of us. A little bold and brassy, but still sophisticated, we’re certain that if she weren’t wearing those classic pearls, Holly Golightly would have paired that iconic Givenchy LBD with our Light Pendant and Cuff Bracelet.

Light Collection


Every teenage girl in the 1960s had a moment where she wanted to be Twiggy. It wasn’t just the long legs and amazing fashion, but it was also the bob cut that we tried to imitate and the bold confidence of her gaze from the pages of our favorite magazines. At 16, she seemed like she knew exactly who she was. And at 16, the rest of us in the 60s could only hope to be just like her someday.

Image courtesy of the National Portrait Gallery

Twiggy embodied everything that was fun about being a teenager in the 60s. The simple pop of Graymoor Lane’s Bloom Collection brings out that 60s teen in all of us. A little bit of Bloom brings back the sassy simplicity of the Twiggy bob and the easy confidence of being 16 and ready for whatever the world throws at us.

 Bloom Collection

Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has no fear. Hollywood royalty, she didn’t rest on her father’s laurels but emerged in the 60s as graceful, beautiful star in her own right. Whether she was showing us her elegant side in a photo shoot on the beach or stepping out as Barbarella, unafraid of anyone else’s opinions, she was always a star.

Image courtesy of Vogue

If you are the kind of woman who blazes her own trail and doesn’t let other people’s opinions change who you know you are, then our Star Wall Collection is perfect for you. You are beautiful, confident, and ready to stand up to any challenge.

Star Wall Collection


Our last 60s icon is our favorite. Like Fonda, Cher is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon. From her early days singing and being easy and carefree with Sonny, to her later career, emerging as a solo artist and becoming an icon of female empowerment and self-confidence, she has inspired us in so many ways. Cher is the ultimate diva.

For the Cher in all of us, there is the Graymoor Lane Barcelona Collection. Patterns of squares sparkling like disco-balls. Women who wear the Barcelona Collection channel a little diva into their daily lives. Like Cher, we believe!

Barcelona Collection

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