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Mid-Century Soundtrack: The Music We Remember Most

Mid-Century Soundtrack: The Music We Remember Most

At Graymoor Lane, we love how our jewelry reminds us of those wonderful Mid-century Modern days. Whether we're wearing our new Barcelona bangle or going for a classic Cypress pendant, we let our mind drift back to sunny mornings in the house in Olympia Fields, IL, and the sounds of our favorite era. Each collection feels like a special song or reminds us of a different favorite singer. While we wouldn't trade the ease of streaming our music today, sometimes we miss those days of huddling around the family radio and sharing the excitement of a new song that the whole family could enjoy.

When we think back on those great times, these are some of the songs and artists who always come time mind. What are yours?

Stacks of Blooms

Doris Day

When we are wearing our Bloom Stacking Rings, we are definitely in a Doris Day mood. Her lovable personality and girl-next-door charm remind us of carefree days and Summer romances. Whether we are listening to Que Sera, SeraSentimental Journey, or I'll See You in My Dreams, we close our eyes, and we're right back to our teenage years giggling and gossiping with friends. Bloom days are the best days.

Swinging Solstice

One of the things we enjoy most about Graymoor Lane jewelry is that you can do so much with it. We love putting on the Solstice Dangle Earrings for a night out - they are perfect with that Little Black Dress - but they look so fabulous with jeans, too. And when we're in a casual mood, that swing of the teardrops takes us back to our favorite swinging star from the 50s. We dream of being at the Heartbreak Hotel with everyone's favorite Teddy Bear: the one, the only, Elvis Presley! The way he crooned Love me Tender was like nothing else. And to think that those hips were banned from the Ed Sullivan show! Elvis changed music forever, and he never goes out of style.

Ol' Blue Eyes

When we're in the mood for a true classic, we put on our Artichoke Link Bracelet and turn on Frank Sinatra. It transports us right back to those smoky nightclubs and the sultry tones of Ol' Blue Eyes. We dream of late nights in swanky cabarets when he crooned "I've Got You Under My Skin" in those heady days of the late '50s. Anything seemed possible, and Frank was there to sing to us through it all. The sound of his voice was as warm as those paneled walls on Graymoor Lane. Frank always takes us home again.

Walkin' Under the Stars

If we have to name a favorite song, it has to be Walkin' After Midnight by the incredible Patsy Cline. She had a swing to her step and an ease to her voice that made us dream of big skies and long-lost lovers. Walking around in our Star Wall Pendant, we feel the same way all over again. It's easy to imagine that times were simpler, first-loves were truer, and Summers were longer. How wonderful that we can get right back there with something as simple as a piece of jewelry!

Star Wall Collection

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